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Our history

Founded in July 2021, BH Taxi is the result of a renewed passion for customer service under the direction of Hassania, a dedicated entrepreneur with rich experience in the service sector. Formerly a caterer, Hassania served her customers at markets in Laval, Angers, Le Lion-d'Angers, and of course, Château-Gontier. After deciding to change professional paths, she took over the business of Jean-Claude Bouillaud, a well-known and respected name in the region, now retired.

Hassania, founder of BH Taxi, when she was a caterer

Our philosophy

At BH Taxi, customer satisfaction is at the heart of our concerns. Hassania has always been known for her closeness to her customers and attentive listening. These qualities, cultivated over the years, are reflected today in every journey you make with us. If Hassania's face seems familiar to you, it's probably because you met her at one of the many markets in the region.

Our commitment

Hassania's transition from the catering world to transport has not diminished her art of service but has instead enriched it with a new dimension. BH Taxi, under her direction, is committed to offering exceptional taxi service, marked by kindness and professionalism. Find not only secure and comfortable transport but also a warm and personalized experience that makes all the difference.

In the press

The story of BH Taxi and its founder Hassania was told in an article in the newspaper "Ouest-France" in September 2021. Discover how this former caterer reinvented herself by creating her taxi business in Château-Gontier-sur-Mayenne.

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Whether you need a quick trip in the city or long-distance transport, BH Taxi is at your disposal. Hassania and her team welcome you with a smile and ensure that each trip meets your expectations. Let BH Taxi become a part of your daily life and discover the pleasure of traveling with someone who truly cares about making your experience enjoyable.

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